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What is the podcast all about?

Reshaping negative beliefs, attaining self worth, & crushing goals through good habits, self care & personal truth.

Don’t live in UR head Develop URself

If you understand what it feels like to live in UR head, share this episode with somebody. I get it, in UR head everything is perfect, it goes the way you want it to. You can crush your goals and live UR dreams, but UR leaving reality behind. Realty is where its at, so don’t live in UR head. I know it might be harder and more complicated out here, but it can also be incredible if you give it a chance and live UR life. Be humble, Be real, Develop URself. 
  1. Don’t live in UR head
  2. Stop lying to urself.
  3. Pain is temporary: Believe in the impossible
  4. Mike the fighter: How are you coping with the pandemic?
  5. The pandemic Vs mental health: How are U coping?

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