Mindful Monday & Positive affirmations.

Good morning to everyone that is awake right now. Today is Monday, and since I've been posting about mindfulness on my blog and podcast. I figured I should start my day with Mindful Monday, along with some positive affirmations. Here we go. The time is ------ It looks like an overcast morning so far. I … Continue reading Mindful Monday & Positive affirmations.

Physical Inactivity = Chronic Disease

https://open.spotify.com/show/7csqwIaWTRhTnSwgb1d2Tk?si=xfqOB2ziRbupfEoI08W7yg I want to get certified as a personal trainer so I can embody both physical and mental growth. The course I am currently taking is with NASM or National Academy of Sports Medicine. There are nine months left until the course expires. In truth I have had the course since January of this year, … Continue reading Physical Inactivity = Chronic Disease

Mindfulness continued

https://open.spotify.com/show/7csqwIaWTRhTnSwgb1d2Tk?si=KZcH73f0Q523oZmQfGzoRg This information is from this site. In my last blog I talked about what mindfulness is, some benefits to practicing it, and two core features; Observing and Describing. In this blog post, I'm gong to continue on the same train, some more features of mindfulness starting with Participating fully. You might be asking yourself, … Continue reading Mindfulness continued

What is mindfulness?

https://open.spotify.com/show/7csqwIaWTRhTnSwgb1d2Tk?si=9Y9VGdn5ROuXKDSK_kAcRg If you're anything like me then you've probably noticed that when you are doing familiar and repetitive tasks, walking your dog, showering, or even driving, that your mind is often miles away thinking about something else? You might be having a fantasy about writing a script, worrying about things you want to do but … Continue reading What is mindfulness?

Staying Grounded against Anxiety during COVID 19

https://open.spotify.com/episode/6Gm3EncrSwYgc7fBZy1qfI?si=jZFa_PxkRNmPYQx64raX6g As the covid 19 virus continues to seemingly increase in both infected and death cases, isolation and quarantine became a government issued mandate. April 3rd draws near each day, for this on this day quarantine is supposed to be over. Seven more days of staying indoors, seven more days of social isolation. What about … Continue reading Staying Grounded against Anxiety during COVID 19