3 areas of growth from having a dog

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Taking care of a dog might seem tedious, especially if you grew up in fear of dogs, or have never had a dog. What I didn’t expect from having a dog was learning how to be a leader, how to have confidence, and most importantly patience. Most people get a pet without really thinking it through, and so did we. A lot of dogs end up neglected, tied up outside, left in cages for hours, some are abused, and untrained; It is incredibly heartbreaking to see a dog left outside on a short leash, with an empty water bowl on a hot day. We didn’t know what it would it take raising a dog before we got one. It was definitely out of impulse, and we had our share of mistakes through the first couple of months. Once we realized the commitment we had made, we knew that we had to own up and take responsibility.

If you’re wanting a dog just for the sake of wanting a dog, don’t get one. If you’re wanting a dog just because your friend has one and you’re jealous, don’t get one. If you’re wanting a dog for the sake of looking cool and macho, cause you have the biggest baddest dog on the block, don’t get one. If you’re wanting a dog cause it completes your style, or will get you likes and followers, don’t get one.

When you become a dog owner, you need to be a leader, be confidence and have patience; If you don’t then you better develop urself and get them life skills down–quick; Having a dog is no joke, and it’s not all cute and rainbows, It can be incredibly dangerous for yourself and everyone else if you can’t control your dog.

I had low self esteem since I was a little kid so I never stepped up to anything that meant I had to be a leader. The closest I ever came was being a director on some short films in college, and leading a film crew. Having a dog was different, a film crew can pretty manage and lead itself cause everyone has a designated task. With a dog, being a leader means you have to step up every single time when you’re walking your dog, when you’re feeding your dog, when you have guests come over, when you go to the dog park, when you’re driving around. Every single time you have to lead, and let the dog follow; you have to be ready to correct your dog if they act out in aggression; You have to train your dog to be comfortable with strangers. There is a lot involved with taking care of a dog, when you don’t step up and train your dog, you can end up with torn couches, destroyed blinders, eaten shoes, loud barking all the time, and worst of all– you might get bit.

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