Mindful Monday & Positive affirmations.

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Good morning to everyone that is awake right now. Today is Monday, and since I’ve been posting about mindfulness on my blog and podcast. I figured I should start my day with Mindful Monday, along with some positive affirmations. Here we go. The time is —— It looks like an overcast morning so far. I am sitting at my desk, wearing this goat shirt. There is a mic in front of me, the phone is recording everything I am saying. I am going live on facebook. I feel very comfortable, and soft in the my clothes, my toes feel texture of carpet. I see a Tv, a computer, a ps4, a water bottle, pencils, headphones, a comb. I can hear the TV in the living room, I can hear the music from my headphones.

What I was just doing is a form of mindfulness training. Observing my current surrounding, what I’m currently experiencing, doing, feeling. Mindfulness is a way to ground yourself in the here and now, doing this can help stop wondering thoughts useless thoughts. So don’t live up here in your thoughts, live in the here and now.

I need to boost my self confidence, pride, and self worth each day. If I don’t then I can easily just lay in bed for hours, and even when I do wake up, I might try to do something but somehow before I realize it, its already night time and I didn’t the things I wanted to do. Positive affirmations are a great way to boost your self esteem, confidence, feel more attractive, and be more successful. They can help break the cycle of negative thinking and place your mind in a positive mindful state.Positive affirmations are very easy to do, you can write them down and just repeat it to yourself.

Because my mind this morning wasn’t in a mindful state, and had negative, useless thoughts, which almost took me down to a slump of depression. It was a little difficult to think of good things to say about myself. So what I’d suggest if the same thing is happening to you is go online and search for some positive affirmations. I’m going to now begin my positive affirmations.

I am bold and confident.

I have great ideas.

I love the person I am becoming.

My confidence grows stronger each day.

I love the way I look.

I feel sexy, charming and attractive.

I radiate with self confidence and charming energy.

I am worthy of financial stability.

My skills are unique and have enormous worth.

Success and wealth will come to me.

I believe in myself.

I am smart and in control of my life.

I am grateful for the man I am becoming.

If you’re feeling a little anxious and unable to relax. You can practice diaphragmatic breathing, AKA belly breathing. Take a deep breath, hold for about 4 seconds and exhale. Do that a few times and viola, you’ve completed Mindful Monday. If you wanna know more about Mindfulness, Positive affirmations and diaphragmatic breathing, then click the link to my blog, developingself.blog or listen to my podcast develop URself available on spotify and apple podcast. Be humble, Be real, stay strong, I believe in you. Goodbye.

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