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This information is from this site. In my last blog I talked about what mindfulness is, some benefits to practicing it, and two core features; Observing and Describing. In this blog post, I’m gong to continue on the same train, some more features of mindfulness starting with Participating fully.

You might be asking yourself, why do I need to be more mindful? What’s the point of this crap? Well an aim of mindfulness is to allow ourselves to consider the whole of our experience without excluding anything. Imagine being able to notice all aspects of whatever task or activity you’re doing, and to do that activity with your full care and attention. Imagine how much you could get done, and how fulfilled you’d be if you simply participated fully. A great way to participate fully is to lessen the distractions around you. The biggest distraction we all face today is our phone. That thing goes off, we get anxious and wanna watch something funny, we get lazy and wanna feel meaning so we turn to our phones. Participate fully in your current activity with little distraction, be present and mindful of your current surroundings and you’ll be the better for it.

Being Non-Judgmental is very important to adopt into your very being. A huge reason for prolonged emotional distress relates to attempts to avoid or control your experience. Being mindful isn’t about saying weather one experience is good or bad, right or wrong and it’s never about controlling or avoiding an experience. Accepting every single thing that happens is very important, and key to mindfulness, and one of the most hardest thing to do. It takes time, it takes practice, and requires constant development. It has been six years since my suicide attempt which I happily survived and it has been almost 2 years since finding out I’ve had Bipolar Type 2 almost my entire life. I’m not at all an expert, nor do I even practice all these things fully or fractionally. I’m just now beginning the early stages of acceptance, and now being more open about my experiences and being more aware of the knowledge I have yet to learn. One of the helpful ways to adopt a non judgmental mind is to be curious gently to your own experience.

Focusing on one thing has been my biggest downfall for as long as I can remember. There was a time, when I was trying to learn how to draw anime characters, make videos on you-tube about my favorite TV shows, make random art for no reason, the list can go on. It a nutshell I was doing too many things that didn’t at all relate to one another so the outcome was none of those got the attention they deserved. Before I even learned about mindfulness I started to accept who I was, that I was scatter brained and needed to fined a central focus to funnel everything into. I love being a jack of all trade and monster of none, but I realized I need to be a master of 1 and funnel all my trades into that. When I started thinking this way, I realized what I wanted to do most was improve myself, mentally, psychically, self esteem, self worth; I wanted to love who I was and find my purpose. Thus this blog began, from this blog bloomed a podcast and soon I will be back on you-tube, soon I will start illustrating again to post on my Instagram. The difference this time is, I have a central focus in the self growth niche or health and wellness niche. All my skills, talents, everything I want to do needs to revolve around the idea of developing myself in some aspect of my life in order to provide useful information to others on how to do the same. Thus I am focusing on one thing yet still being happy to do other things that interest me. You need a certain level of effort to focus your attention on only one thing at a time. Naturally distracting thoughts will come, my tendency is to chase the thoughts with more thinking. There is an art to being present and I have yet to master it but I’m learning, I’m in class and I’m taking notes. Try to notice when you drift away from the observing and sensing into thinking. It’s not a mistake when this happens, It is very natural and happens to every single person, but acknowledge it has happened and return to observing your current experience.

Lastly How do you even become mindful

Just like any new skill, mindfulness takes time and repetition to develop. It is not easy, in fact it is very hard speaking from personal experience. It is very hard especially when dealing with emotional pain, mental illness, disassociation, depression, mania. Am I saying things can be easier without having a mental illness? Yes I am, because there are many days I’ve questioned God, why me? Why am I not normal? Why do I have to deal with this, why can’t my life, my mind just be at peace? Having Bipolar makes it hard to keep a job, makes it hard to have friends, makes it hard to communicate with loved ones, makes it hard to follow through on your goals, makes it hard wake up, makes it hard to recharge your will, self esteem, self worth, pride, self love, energy. I could swap lives with someone so they can learn first hand how it is to have bipolar and live just one day in my mind, I would love to see their reaction afterwards. For me this is reality, this me, this is who I am, and I love myself. I love that I am not just any regular Joe, I love being different, I love having the extra challenge because every time I accomplish something it feels that much more worth while. Mindfulness can be taught in a lot of ways, for me I started on my own, for you it might be reading this blog or listening to my podcast. Meditation is one way you can try to be mindful but its not the only way. Get in touch with a medical health professional and get some more information about mindfulness training and if it’s a great fit for you. Thank you for reading.

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