Staying Grounded against Anxiety during COVID 19

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As the covid 19 virus continues to seemingly increase in both infected and death cases, isolation and quarantine became a government issued mandate. April 3rd draws near each day, for this on this day quarantine is supposed to be over. Seven more days of staying indoors, seven more days of social isolation. What about our mental health? It is very understandable as to the decision of quarantine, fourteen days is how long it takes for virus symptoms to appear. So if everyone is locked in doors for fourteen days, we should be able to determine who is sick and who is not. I do wonder what will happen when April 3rd finally comes. Will quarantine be extended, or lifted as promised? I have not been able to work this entire time. What sucks is right before this whole thing blow up, I had several gigs lined up for the month of march and April. I had just quit my full time, soul crashing, 60 hour weekly depraving career. I was about to start working less but making loads more money. I say loads not because I’m English, which I’m no, but because yesterday I watch “Fighting with my family,” and thus “loads” came out. Anyway, every morning I wake up and wonder if I’m a loser. Am I a slob, savings are there to help with bills for the time being, but not being able to go work is unbearable.

It is safer to stay away from as many people possible, thus stay away from working for your and families safety. Many times I’ve self isolated, whenever my bipolar seems to start taking over, my first red flag is isolation. Now, the world wants me to isolate and I don’t know how to feel about that. Anyway, I felt like talking about some tools to stay grounded and mindful would be really helpful. Especially if anxiety starts to set in then maybe this episode will give you some helpful advice. Well that’s for now. Stay safe, stay clean, keep your mental faculties in tact and have a wonderful day.

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