Depression setting in

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The flood gates are open, the walls are broken. My soul feels stolen, like a cheap token. Anger is bubbling up inside, sadness is finding a home to reside.

I hate this feeling, and everything it brings with it. Negative thoughts are spiraling out of control. In these moments, I have to practice my tools. I have to think positive, stay strong, steel like will. This whole day feels like shit, maybe it’s the isolation. I keep getting aggravated easily, my patience is very thin. It’s hard wanting to make money when we’ve gotta be locked up inside, hearing things like the recession is coming. The end of the world is at hand, economy is gonna crash. The weather has been down too, God it’s like the entire world is depressed. Is Mother Nature depressed? Has the earth lost its sense of self worth?

It’s easy to express my thoughts here on this blog, no matter how ridiculous they sound in my head. As soon as I write them down it gets a little easier.

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