Interview with a youth case manager. Reversing Negative beliefs part 1

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I am so happy and extremely grateful for all the support my podcast is receiving. I only want to help people develop their way of thinking, and become their best self. Initially my podcast was called developing self just like this blog, but I felt a re branding was necessary. I wanted something a big more punchy and inclusive to the audience. I was also took the time to get a great photo and update my cover to finally give it a more professional look.

My friend and I went to a shopping district and spent a couple hours walking around with a Sony camera. It was a great day, bright and sunny but a little cloudy. He took my photos and I took his. This is something I’ve never done before, let alone with a friend. For so long, my mind has kept me isolated and reclusive but this was one of the best moments of 2020 for me..

Some more updates. I decided to quit my crazy full time career in the AV industry. I was literally working upwards of 65 to 70 hours a week. Not to put all of the blame on this, but there was absolutely zero time for anything else. This got so bad that I ended up falling asleep on the freeway and hitting the rail, shocking myself awake. I pulled over and decided there and then, NO more! I was not going to die for this company, I was not going to put myself in harms way mentally and physically any longer. There was no time for personal life, family time, grooming, going to the bank or even doing an oil change. Not only did I know this was not a passion career, but it was literally draining me down a deep dark abyss.

There are so many things I had to push aside for this stupid job. If you notice, I stopped blogging as much, I stopped putting out podcast episodes. On the way to work and back, every day I listened to motivational podcasts. If it wasn’t for these podcasts, I don’t know how I would have gotten through it. My dream is to make a difference in this world, even if that only helping one person, I’d be super happy. So much development has happened for me in the past 5 no 6 years now, but the majority of the development happened last year and ongoing this year.

GUYS! In 2014 I jumped off a bridge and tried to take my own life. I ended up dislocating my hip and fracturing my femur. I went to a mental hospital for a little over a week. Lied my way out, acted, pretended, went to groups, said whatever I had to say to get out of there as quick as possible. 5 years passed and I still kept everything inwards, never really giving myself time to heal. Little did I know, that healing is all about letting go, acceptance and making a choose forward. Yes, it took me 5 years, 5 long years in hell, lol. Sounds like a line from the Arrow the show! Maybe that’s why I love that show so much. Honestly, as soon as I made a choice and say no more, I have more to offer, I can make a difference, I can change the world. Then the passion, and purpose came. How do I share my story and experience with the world, are there others going throw what I’ve been through? Are there people still living in the past hurt and pain? What can I do? How do I bring healing?

Well, I guess more to come in anther post. Fingers getting tired. Please share, and subscribe to the podcast. Love you all, choose happiness, choose growth, choose development. I believe in you.

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