My depression is a form of expression

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What do I say when there’s so much pity and hate inside?

Dear God,

My heart feels black, my mind forever blown. The spirit is willing, by my cognition is torn. Up, down, left, and right, please make sure I’m not thrown. I wanna be expressive all day and night. I’ve got my outlets but where my Edison plugs at? Scratch that, plug or not what I’m lacking is some current. My heart’s a power strip when it should be a doghouse. Please God, reinforce my spirit, my mind, body and soul. Yea I said Spirt and soul in the same sentence, my depression is a form expression. I’m tired of denying the gifts given at my conception. Dear God, I wanna be free, totally and absolutely free. The heart feels heavy even when it shouldn’t, this life I’m living; I owe it all to you. Guilt strikes me, shoulders at a ton, saving the world is a dream, but where do I begin. Does mankind deserve it? I know I did.


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