5 things I do to kick ENVY in the butt

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It’s been a couple of days since my last post, I’m happy and excited to be writing again. Soon, I know my mind will be strong enough to maintain a weekly post rate. So, let’s be humble and be real. A big struggle for me is feeling envious, let’s talk about it.

Feelings of ENVY can detract from your personal growth. Fight like hell, cause it ain’t worth it.

What is Envy? Google dictionary defines envy as a “feeling of discontented or resentful longing aroused by someone else’s possessions, qualities, or luck.”

Is it easy to feel Envious? Yes, Envy is on the border of my subconscious. Sometimes I don’t realize my feelings are derived from an envious thought until it’s already making me feel some type of way.

Why do I struggle with Envy? I have a competitive mindset, easy as that. When I see others getting the things I wished for, worked for, and struggled for. The first thought is usually “Lord, why them and not me?”

Feelings of ENVY can detract from your personal growth. Fight like hell, cause it ain’t worth it.

1 Be honest with myself: Honestly is defined as speaking the truth and acting truthfully. Such as me blogging about my struggle with Envy. I’m not saying start a blog and spill your guts, but if you feel like that’s the right step for you then WordPress ain’t so bad. Internally, I have to tell myself “Ibra, you can tell your feelings of envy are cropping up, don’t act without thinking.” Do not lie to yourself and play it off as a fluke.


2 Forgive myself: Forgiveness is defined as stopping feelings of anger or resentfulness toward (someone) for an offense, flaw, or mistake. In this case the (someone) is myself. I usually like to open this up with a prayer. It’s never out loud and never boastful, always between me and the lord and very simple. “Dear God, please forgive me. Thank you for the things you have provided, give me strength and clear my mind.”

3 Focus on my goals: A goal can be easily thought of as the destination of a journey. The first and foremost goal when I’m feeling envious, is to off-course (Kick Envy’s butt.) Usually by now, I’m feeling pretty good about myself in a small way. I’ve taken steps to get me this far, the journey might be a mile long but I’ll keep walking. I then switch my form of thinking to my other goals, both short and long term. This slowly starts to give me motivation and populates my mind with more than just resenting what I couldn’t have, to what I can have, and what I can do to get there.

4 Realize when Envy is turning into Self Pity: This one isn’t all that hard to realize. When the voices in my head start gong “Why me, why me, oh woe is me” Then it is a pretty good bet that I’m falling into self pity. In this case, I just repeat steps 1 through 3. This morning I woke up and had tons of self pity, so I turned those emotions into motivation and started typing.

5 Take Action: Nothing changes without action. What is action? Well I’m so glad you asked. Action is the fact or process of doing something, typically to achieve an aim. Your action might be different from my action but as long as your working towards achieving an aim, then brother you’re taking action. This morning, my actions are as follows. Blog, make breakfast, brush teeth, Edit podcast, hit the gym, shower. There is a great deal of power that comes from stopping a sedentary lifestyle. That’s because getting up and being on move, even small mundane tasks like cleaning, showering, brushing teeth, stimulates your mind into taking even bigger steps down the road. Anyway, those are the five things I do to kick envy’s butt. Maybe it helps you too. Thanks for reading and have a great day.

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