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I’m starring at my blank screen with a blank mind. The only drive pushing my fingers to type is “Ibra, you gotta write everyday, write everyday for a year and see where it gets you.” Check out the Developing Self Podcast on Spotify and Developing Self on Apple Podcast. Do you love sunglasses but can’t afford breaking and buying new ones? Then click the link below. Knockaround, the original, affordable sunglasses company. 20% off first order, Free shipping on orders over $50, Free returns.

Dear God,

Now that I’ve gotten a few words out, the negative thoughts are flooding in. The paranoia is rushing in, delusion surprisingly is not where to be found. What am I going to write about everyday? at the end of it all, a week from now will it even accomplish anything? Logically, I think it will. In December 2018 when I gained the clarity to push aside my distractions and fears. Everything became as it was before. Suddenly I started seeing more views on my blog, and a couple of comments here or there. That shit was humbling, but you’d think that’s something I should have known from the beginning. “Hey, you won’t get anywhere if you don’t write, this here is a blog, you gotta write dummy” That’s me talking to myself. Not only do I have to write, but I keep putting the pressure on myself that I need to have something to write about. Kinda shit is that on your own mentally?

Thank you,


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Podcasts: Ken Coleman Show, Radical Empathy, Rise Podcast and most recently Straight up with Trent Shelton

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