Looking good equals feeling good! Skin Exfoliating!!

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Exfoliation is removing old dead cells on the skin’s outermost surface. I think Exfoliation is used in all facials, during chemical peels or microdermabrasion.

For the last couple of days I’ve been trying to examine my mental state and how it compares to my physical appearance. Not only the look, but how I feel about it knowing that there are things I can do to look good, so I can feel good.

Whenever I see a makeup tutorial/video or someone taking care of themselves to not only look good but feel good; the first reaction from me is usually negative and standoffish. Leaning towards the side of “I’d never do that” or “it’s a waste of time” or “it doesn’t matter.”

Today I just realized that those thoughts and beliefs aren’t true. Have you heard of cognitive behavioral therapy? No? Well in my next blog and podcast I’ll talk share some more insight. It can help a bipolar mind stay focused on what your thoughts mean, why you believe them, and why they aren’t true.

My negative thought: “self care is a waste of time and money, people who do it are insecure and should love themselves more”

My belief: “I believe there is a negative stigma embedded in men when it comes to taking care of yourself to look good. As if it’s only something for women to do, and if you do it as a man then something is seriously wrong with you.”

My realization: “Well, I get self conscious if I’m smelly or scruffy. I feel more confident when I’m clean, or wearing new clothes, I wanna look in a mirror and feel confident and comfortable. So that thought is negative and only stopping my progress.”

Cognitive behavioral therapy or CBT, allows one to back track that negative thought, until you find what lead to it. Normally it’s something you believe or were led to believe. It is very helpful in overcoming depression, negative thinking, paranoia, cycling and even anxiety.

Anyway, I want to start doing more to look good so I can continue feeling good. Self care is something I’ve been seriously slacking on my entire life and it’s time to implement some changes. The other area is fitness, working out. The entire reason behind this branding of self developing, the core of Developing Self is to express the thoughts and beliefs that plague a bipolar mind in order to better understand myself. Which in turn will allow me to grow as a human being with a mental illness.

You know what? So far I feel like it’s been working. I have a podcast now for developing self, it’s on Spotify and Apple Podcast, I’m taking dance lessons, I’m listening to my wife more, I’m being more communicative and present with family. Even though the growth and change might not be extreme, it’s freaking working! I never thought I’d ever get to a point in my life where I’d feel like a fully functioning person despite having Bipolar.

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