I know it’s been a while But…ART!

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So recently I started getting back in the grooves of digital sketching and I gotta say, it felt so good holding my Wacom pen again without psyching myself out with negative thoughts.

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Often times what ends up happening is I sit down and tell myself “okay we are drawing today, we are expressing ourself today.” Then one thought, one measly, little grubby thought seeds in and spreads like a wild fire. That thought is “you’re not good enough to do this.”

This time, I tried really hard to not try hard. If that sounds confusing, what I mean is. I didn’t put too much effort or thought to stopping my negative thoughts, I realized the more I acknowledge those thoughts; The more I dwell on them, the more I get psyched out. Maybe someone else has moments like this, I’d be nice to hear from anyone reading this that feels like commenting.

Bi-polar is an amazing whirlwind of conflicting ideas, emotions, beliefs, and value, at least that’s how I feel about mine. There are plenty of things I could’ve done or would’ve done but ended up never doing them because reasons… well I’m glad I got this far with this sketch. Maybe I’ll go even further.

Thanks for reading, 🤓bye!

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