Even if I had superpowers, I’d still be Bipolar.

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Imagine that, a block buster motion picture about a superhero or antihero struggling with Bipolar as he or she tries to save people from a serial killer or something. I’d love to see that one day. “You read it here first, so don’t steal my idea, unless of course it’s already been thought of, then have at it”

Amazingly the idea that is life, or rather the very notion of living continues to find ways of improving our lives even when one does not realize it. Sometimes things work out too well, and sometimes things don’t work out at all. Only to find that they didn’t go wrong, but in fact everything was happening as it should have been. How else can hardships mold an individual?

Weather fate be real, a mistress or a lover; it doesn’t really matter which.

Cognitive behavioral therapy teaches the idea of tracing a singular thought that’s causing some kind of emotional response. Trace the thought and find the belief to said thought, once belief is established normally through accessing old or repressed memories. Only then can one guide the mind at will to bend away from unwanted emotions or lack thereof. Sounds simple in theory, but it’s so fucking hard to maintain.

Anyway, let’s trace the universe for a second. Not as a scientist (I’m not a scientist) but as a regular individual expressing raw ideas. The universe as it stands is in the present, according to our perception of time of course. It stands to reason there had to have been a past, also true otherwise what was yesterday? What was 3 seconds ago? Now since the universe meets those 2 criteria, doesn’t it stand to reason there had to be a beginning? Well for that to be case, there had or has to be a creator of said universe.

Now imagine a comic, imagine the outline being written, the script being thought out, with every idea written on the imagine striking hard into the foundation of that belief. Now the script is written, it is time for the art. An explosion of lines, shapes, ink, color and texture. Sort of like the universe it self. Now a comic as mentioned earlier is thought, pre-ordained and pre-destined. Does that mean we follow the same principles? If not where could the idea of making worlds and universes of our own have come from?

The thing is, maybe all the arguments, all the debates, whatever we do is simply meaningless; because everything is happening as it should be. Nothing more and nothing less.

But between you and me, sometimes it’s easier and more fun to slip away into the madness.

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