What is Truth? Is it real? Should it always be forgiven?

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It’s difficult to measure emotion vs logic in extremely emotional tense situations. Where is the line between over reacting to reacting just right? Is there some invisible way of noting how I shouldn’t and should feel?

Let’s say I feel like my heart is broken. Which it is at the moment but let’s just say it’s a hypothetical, in the spirit of maintaining calmness while drowning under an extremely difficult choice. That choice will not be mentioned in this post, it will remain a mystery, do with it what you will.

Receiving unpleasant news is never a comfortable moment, nor do I wish to be comforted after the fact, especially from the mail man. Many times I find myself going numb on the inside, because it’s easier to feel nothing than to risk feeling hurt. Right now, I am numb. Not a clue as to which side will emerge. Depressed, sad and vengeance seeker or just mellow. The cycle of negative thoughts continues to rampage, but my soul is quiet 🤫 it’s asleep. It can’t be bothered. It can’t be helped. It is what it is, things are as they are, and will always be as they should be.

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