Yesterday I got a haircut, today I feel super fresh!

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When I start getting into a depressive phase, one of the first things I take for granted is grooming. I can go months upon months without touching it, or combing it sometimes depending on how far off the rails I am. I’ve gone to work looking like hot toilet garbage and I wouldn’t bat an eye. If someone said something to me, I’d ignore it, or laugh it off. Mostly I’d think to myself, they have no idea what I struggle or the ever popular “how dare people judge me when they have no idea what it’s like living in a world you didn’t wanna be part of”


I told myself if I’m really serious about developing and getting a better handle on my mental state, then I need to start looking good and feeling good. If I can feel comfortable and clean and maintain that weekly, then I’ll be a step closer. So that’s it haha.

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