Go out for a walk

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So now that I want to develop into a better version myself, but how do I even begin to do that? I started thinking about my day to day routine, more specifically how does my day start?

And I noticed a pattern of bad habits so today I challenged myself to break that routine. This morning I awoke around 4am to the sound of Romy whimpering and barking.

It’s like he knew I was taking a picture.

Obviously he wanted to go outside. What a perfect chance to go out for a walk and break my morning routine, but in my mind I’m telling myself

“I’m fucking tired right now, I slept at 2am, my body doesn’t wanna fucking move, I’m sure he can hold out longer, so I’m not gonna deal with this right now I’ll do it later”

Then don’t make it harder than it already is.

The day old previous self would’ve totally jumped at that, he would have considered the ramifications of his choice but chose to act on it anyway. Weather he realized it was selfish or not. It’s worth mentioning now that I was diagnosed with bipolar II, later on that.

So a cycle of weird fucked up thoughts is pretty much singing a tone whenever it can. The next time a thought like that pops up in your head and tries to stop you from doing something, just think on all the stuff you’d miss out if you had just taken an hour or 2 out of your lazy morning.

Faster than a speeding puppy!

I digress, long story short just do the opposite of whatever that song is telling to you do. I was a little mad but I got my butt of the bed, and took Romy outside for a walk at the trinity groove. needless to say, we had a lot of fun! Even exercised a little. Haven’t done that in fucking forever.

Video stops because I couldn‘t make it to the top 😂

Right now I feel so fucking good, I’m calm, focused, hungry but determined, oh and strong… yeah… I feel strong!

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