The hardest thing for me to do is introduce myself, but here we go… OMG HI!

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This is terrifying! I keep trying to wrap my brain around finding the best way, the perfect way to introduce you, dear reader, to my blog. I want to make one thing clear right of the bat. My whole life I’ve held back my voice, so much so that now in my adulthood, I find it hard to feel any self worth. So this blog is going to try to be as brutally honest as possible. I’m hoping that as I embark on this journey of developing myself, that others will find some measure of value from it, and maybe inspire them to do the same.

TRUTH #1: I have a really low opinion of myself and I want to change that.

So… introduction, my name is Ibrahim but I go by Ibby. I have a pretty big family but I hardly ever visit. I am married to a lovely, beautiful woman. Everything else, I kinda wanna say “it’s in progress.”

June 6th 2014, I think that was the date but honestly the date doesn’t really matter. On that day, I drove to a bridge really late at night, veered into the curb coming to an abrupt stop. Sent a quick Facebook post, stepped out of my car and onto the ledge and JUMPED.

But a funny happened… I LIVED!

So the question I’ve been asking myself ever seen then is why? Why did I live? What is my purpose on this world? Is my destiny so great that even death rejected me?

See my entire life for as long as I can remember, I have always been stuck inside my own head. The times i become unstuck are still dictated by the very reasons that lead me to be stuck in the first place, so I’ve never really been living this entire time. This unhealthy maddening cycle has got to stop. I WANT TO TAKE CHARGE OF MY LIFE.

So, hopefully this is good enough. I wanted to get something written down and posted without over thinking it so I can get this blog rolling. Till next time.

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